If you want to rate your spin-off or crossover use the following templates.


This article is rated G which means it is appropriate for all ages.


This article is rated PG which means it is suggested for viewing for viewers over 8.


This article is rated PG-13. It is not suggested for viewers under 13. Make sure you have checked with an admin before putting this tag on your series.

PG-13 articles should be checked with admins before use. In failure to do this, you will recieve a 1 day ban each getting longer.

R articles are not accepted on this wiki. Please remember this is a website that children go onto and if you rate yours R you will recieve a 2 week ban.

NC-17 articles will automatically be deleted and you will recieve a permaban for this content.

How To RateEdit

1. Check is this appropriate for anyone or certain ages?

Anyone- G

8+- PG

13+- PG-13

2. If it is PG-13 ask an Admin first.

If it is approved it is good.

If not it will be deleted or asked to be less inappropriate.

3. With a G or PG rating.

Add the rating so they know.

4. Don't know what to rate?

Ask an Admin.