James Issac Neutron by his mom is the main character of the television series Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. He is an eleven year old boy living in the city of Retroville with his father, Hugh, and his mother Judy. He is a genius inventor and usually is seen inventing in his laboratory located in his back yard. He even invented his own pet dog after his parent's refused to buy him one. He named the dog Goddard, as seen alongside him in the photo to the right. He has two main friends: Carl Wheezer and Sheen Estevez. He has an IQ of 210, which is ten points over the limit.


Jimmy Neutron is only eleven, yet some say that he is "vertically challenged", for he is only a few inches taller than the top of his dog, Goddard's head. Jimmy's hair is pointed upward which shows that he has a good amount of it and some people think he needs a lot of moose for his hair. He has tan skin and blue eyes. His hair is brown, just as his eyebrows are. Jimmy is not the strongest of them all, for he is on the verge of being scrawny. He wears a red shirt with a neutron located on it. He wears blue shorts and brown sneakers.

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