Hugh Neutron.

Hugh Neutron is Jimmy Neutron's father. Hugh is a very interesting father, for he is very fond of ducks and has a hobby relating to them, and does not contain a lot of knowledge of different subjects, which is strange as he has a genius son. Hugh enjoys ice cream and goes to ice cream parlors regularly. He is married to Judy Neutron.


Hugh Neutron is a normal man in comparison to other Retroville citizens compared to dress. Hugh wears small glasses that contour to his nose and has light brown hair, similar to his wife, Judy, and his son, Jimmy. Hugh's nose is unusually large, as is his head, similar to that of his wife and son. His head is more pointed than round, differing from his wife and son. Hugh wears a tuxedo shirt with white sleeves and collar, a blue front, and a red tie. He wears navy blue pants and wears brown penny loafers.

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